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[you are a ghost, and you just want a hug.]


hugventure is an interactive fiction adventure: to make your way through it, you should try hugging the beings you come across in your journey. type your commands, and press enter to continue.

made for My First Game Jam: http://itch.io/jam/my-first-game-jam

if you're stuck and need a guide, download the file hugventureguide.txt for a walkthrough!

my first game! i'm keeping it uploaded for the sake of cataloguing every effort i make.

Install instructions

to play this game offline, you will need to install the software "quest", a program for building and playing interactive fiction. it's free, and available for downloading and installing here: http://textadventures.co.uk/quest


hugventure.quest 599 kB
hugventureguide.txt 969 bytes


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I wish "hug" was explained as an action, or at least something like "give the cat a hug"; had to check the guide. xp